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Set of Skills


Below are some noteworthy projects of mine.

GIMP contributions

For roughly 5 years, I spent my spare time contributing code to the GNU Image Manipulation Program. I did a lot of things; too numerous to be enumerated here, but the most significant contributions I made during this time are as follows. All of them was in collaboration with interaction architect Peter Sikking:

  • GIMP 2.4: Completely rewrote a large portion of the code that lets the user manage the rectangle of the Rectangle/Ellipse Select and Crop tools, and further improved it in GIMP 2.6.
  • GIMP 2.6: Wrote the code that greatly enhanced the Free Select Tool to for example make it possible to make polygonal selections.
  • GIMP 2.8: Implemented Peter's Save+export specification so that several severe usability problems related to saving was fixed.
  • GIMP 2.8: Implemented the basics of Peter's Single-window mode and improved the classic multi-window mode, for example allowing multi-colum dock windows.

This website is a 2016 refresh of my old website,, using new fresh technology such as the Amazon cloud, Sass/SCSS, Bootstrap, RequireJS, etc.

Task Taste (Currently offline)

Tasktaste screenshot

Maintainers of anticipated projects often have to answer the question "when are you done?". It is relatively easy to answer this question, just enumerate things left to do and their relative sizes, and plot the work left over time. Through extrapolation it is usually possible to get a good felling for the progress of a project and when it will complete.

This all becomes a lot easier with a good tool. I wanted to have such a tool for GIMP 2.8, but I found none that met my needs: public project pages, open source platform, not a terrible user interface. So I wrote
Update: Note that I have taken the site offline for now. The domain has been taken over by some SEO company. I might put it back online later, but if I do it will be at the URL

On, anyone can create an account and start tracking the progress of their projects for the world to see.