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New domain, revitalized website, general update

Feb 19, 2016 by Martin Nordholts
My kids

Welcome to my new site; both the new domain name and the new layout. So why change domain? Partly for a fresh start. This is now a general programmer's blog that will try to include some interaction design perspectives, not a GIMP developer blog. Partly to remove the accidental Google Chrome association got (which I registered 5 years before Google Chrome was released by the way). Since my old site probably is perceived as a bit dead since the last blog post was more than 4 years ago, I thought now would be a good time to change domain. All old blog posts have been ported to the new site though.

So why change layout? Partly to freshen it up, partly to learn new things. You see, my old site had the blog hosted by Blogger, and the rest on a cheap Danish web host. The new site is hosted in the Amazon cloud and is built on fresh(er) front-end technology such as SCSS, CSS3 animations, screen size responsiveness, Bootstrap, Jekyll and RequireJS. There's also HTTPS for good measure. The color scheme is inspired by my new main editor Sublime Text. So long Emacs, and thanks (not) for all the fish Lisp.

You might also have noted that has been taken offline (and taken over by some SEO company). Its usage was pretty low, and keeping it alive was not worth it. I might resurrect it someday, but then it will be hosted on this domain rather than having a domain on its own.

As for time over for coding, it is still low. I now have two kids to raise. Occasionally I get some code written though, so keep your eyes open for announcements in 1-10 years.