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GIMP 2.8 schedule on

Apr 18, 2011 by Martin Nordholts

A GIMP 2.8 release date matters a great deal to a lot of people. It matters to users because it will bring some long awaited features to them. It matters to book publishers because they would like to have books ready. It matters to translators because they want translations to be done. It matters to GIMP developers because it is an important milestone in the history of GIMP development.

Estimating completion of software projects is tricky however, especially for projects driven on a volunteer and spare-time basis like GIMP. An estimate of a GIMP 2.8 release date will by nature be volatile and keep changing to the day GIMP 2.8 is finally released. There needs to be an easy way for people to keep themselves updated with the GIMP 2.8 development progress and release date estimate.

After realizing this I started to look for a tool that could help. I knew I wanted a schedule to be a public web page with no login required. I wanted this web page to be graphic, visualizing progress. I also wanted it to be easy to keep up to date, and I wanted it to be free and open source. I did not find a tool like this, so I decided to write my own. The result is Go ahead and create a project schedule yourself!

The GIMP 2.8 schedule is found here. Whenever you want to update yourself with GIMP 2.8 development progress and get an automatically calculated release date estimate, simply revisit that page.