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Reactions on GIMP 2.7.0

Sep 04, 2009 by Martin Nordholts

A couple of weeks back we took one important step closer to a GIMP 2.8 release by releasing GIMP 2.7.0. One of the enjoyments of contributing to a project like GIMP is that a lot of people is affected by your work and you get immediate feedback on what you do.

GIMP 2.7.0 was mildly received, which is understandable since none of they highly requested features were implemented. A lot of people over at Digg are disappointed about us not doing a single-window mode for 2.8. But again, that will come in 2.10. Then there's the usual stuff about requests for non-destructiveness and higher bit depths, which is also scheduled for 2.10. And as usual, most people are pretty clueless. I was happy to found one guy that knew what he was talking about, drag.
Update: Just to avoid confusion: after this post was made there was a change in plans and the addition of a single-window mode is now planned and in progress for 2.8.

A lot of people over at want the old save and "export" mechanism back. The conclusion to draw from that is that they are not part of the user group we are targeting. We are not trying to make GIMP into an excellent JPEG touchup application, we are making GIMP into a high-end photo manipulation application where most of the work is done in XCF.
Update: Based on this poll it seems this was just a matter of a vocal minority. I would also like to clarify that "they" were referring to this vocal minority, not as a site which I really like.

The reactions over at GimpTalk are much nicer. Not any complaints, just comments on the release. GimpTalk just became my favourite GIMP community!